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RapidShare Account Renewal (CARDS)

Thank you for choosing BoxLink, ME reseller. Please fill the information below from your Rapidshare card to extend you account. You will receive email and SMS confirmation immediately.

Select the card that you want to activate
500 Rapids
1200 Rapids
2300 Rapids
5500 Rapids
500 Rapids 1200 Rapids 2300 Rapids 5500 Rapids
Fill the card information
Serial Number
Activation Code
Account info you want to renew
Rapidshare Account id [Write only numbers]


  • You can renew RapidShare account if it will expire in less than 6 month.
  • You can not renew RapidShare account after expiration date in 30 days.
  • If you renew an existing RapidShare account you will get email and SMS confirmation same time.
  • You can renew ANY account that was sold thru website OR BoxLink's resellers.
  • Please make sure you entered the correct Account ID, this action cannot undone or refunded if you enter the wrong account ID.

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